History of Long-Lewis

In the spring of 1911, Bessemer was sprawling young industrial city. Business was good, but in order to promote more business, several downtown merchants decided to raffle one of the new-fangled "Horse-less carriages" to their customers. For several months customers received raffle tickets with each purchase.

Tradition has that on March 15, 1911 the drawing was held at the intersection of Second Avenue and Nineteenth Streets. According to an old-timer the individual who won it had been quoted earlier as having said, "I don't want that thing around my house! Might scare my chickens so they won't lay eggs! And besides, it's dangerous. What if it stopped on the railroad tracks while a train was coming?"

William J. Long, one of the participating merchants, was in the crowd. Long was an "experienced motorist," having acquired a two cylinder International that previous year. He purchased the car, a Ford Model T, from the winner and drove it down Second Avenue to the wagon and buggy shed at Long Lewis Hardware Company.

The car was used in the hardware business and for advertising until, on a Sunday afternoon drive, sure enough it stalled on the rail road tracks near Powderly and was destroyed by a train. The occupants escaped unharmed.

Even though he had bad luck with his first Ford, Mr. Long was convinced that the automobile was the vehicle of the future. He determined to add Fords to his line of buggies and wagons. Fords were shipped to Birmingham in box cars. The wheels were put on them at the railhead and they were then driven to Bessemer.

In 1915 Henry Ford began granting franchises to dealers, and one of the first franchises he granted was to Long Lewis Hardware Company. Both the hardware and the automobile business were good, for in 1918 the company was able to declare a 100 percent dividend.

In 1921 a two story addition was added to the hardware building to house the Ford Division of Long-Lewis Hardware. And then in 1965 the Ford store moved to Bessemer Super Highway. In January of 1999, Long Lewis built its new 84,000 square foot facility at 2551 Highway 150 in Hoover. We sincerely focus on creating an environment that promotes Customer Retention and Complete Customer Satisfaction. As a result, the Long Lewis group currently has more Ford Motor Company President's Awards for Customer Satisfaction than any other dealer in the nation.

Mr. Long had a saying, "Truth is a divine attribute, the foundation of every virtue," which he applied to every facet of his business and personal life. This has been carried on into the present ownership and is no doubt the reason that Long Lewis has enjoyed the success that it has since its founding.

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